WWF-funded planting complete

0E1A6634February 2017

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund has allowed us to plant natives alongside the wetlands and entrance to the proposed walking track to Gus’s Pond, which is a key habitat for Canterbury Mudfish in the Lower Waitaki.

The WWF funding has now all been spent and the final report submitted.

1200 eco-sourced plants were bought for the revegetation of the wetland areas: flaxes (phormium tenax), giant rush (Juncus paucifloris), cabbage trees (Cordyline australis) and Carex secta were all planted on three days last autumn and winter by Papakaio School students, a group of 10-12 year olds as part of the Oamaru YouthTown community leadership programme and by members of the Lower Waitaki River Management Society.

In fact many people have been involved and thanks goes to all of the following:

  • Volunteers in the Community nursery
  • Papakaio School
  • Field day helpers Mike Keen, David Atkinson, Bianca McNell, Matt Goodman, Thomas McTavish, Nigel Ryburn and Debbie Eddington (ECan)
  • Youthtown students
  • Youthtown volunteers
  • LWRMS members

The plantings benefited from the wet spring and summer and a good strike has been achieved. However, the weeds grew well too, so the continuing task is to weed and mulch the planted area to ensure ongoing good growth of the natives.

Of course this isn’t the end of the story: work will continue around Gus’s Pond. This year we will be constructing a walking track, planting more natives and monitoring the Canterbury Mudfish population. Keep an eye on our blog posts for what’s happening and how you can become involved…

Finally, check out the YouTube video A Day at Gus’s Pond to see where and what it’s all about.

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