Planting Days and Waterwatch Demo


Our funding from the WWF habitat fund has been fully spent, with extensive weed clearance and site preparation at what will be the start of the walkway to Gus’s Pond. Although we initially planned to have the planting day on the 28th, we received a request from Youthtown Oamaru to run a tree planting event for 30 students on their Youth Leadership day on the 27th.

The bus arrived at the Waitaki bridge Hall, and after a health and safety briefing we drove up the road to Gus Morton’s farm and walked around to Gus’s pond. Activities at the pond included putting tree protectors around the various shrubs and trees that were planted by the Department of Conservation, spreading around bullrush seed, and examining some live fish that we’d successfully caught the night before (figures 1 and 2).

We then hopped back on the bus and headed over to the east side of SH1 and planted out trees around the proposed walking track start (figures 3 and 4). The day was very successful, with over 400 trees planted. Heavy rain forecast for Saturday caused us to postpone the second planting day until Saturday June 11th. On the bright side, after the 10mm or so rain we received will be doing a great job of watering in the trees we got planted.

Some images from that day:





Poor weather delayed the Waterwatch kit demonstration by Dennis Veal, of Timaru. Since then, the awarding of the PSP funding has occurred, which gives extra relevance to the demonstration, as the LWRMS can now purchase a kit. With this in mind, rather than present to the committee alone, Max is currently in conversation with Mr Veal about presenting to a larger audience including students from St Kevin’s College. Dates for this workshop to be advised.

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